Count on General Logistics for your transportation needs.

Who We Are

General Logistics is a dedicated contract carrier that provides transportation solutions specifically designed to meet the exact requirements of your business needs.  Our drivers, managers, and equipment do more than simply transport products from point A to B.  We incorporate our assets and our knowledge of transportation to assign the same drivers, managers, and equipment to execute your transportation solution.  Our solutions provide the benefits of a private fleet without the associated hassles and burdens of operating a private fleet.  As a result, General Logistics’ dedicated contract carriage transportation solution provides optimum routing, advanced operational efficiency and constant process improvements.

Our Transportation Services

Dedicated contract carriage is not the optimal solution for every business that needs goods transported.  However, for companies looking to eliminate trucking liability, eliminate human resource challenges, ensure on-time deliveries and improve customer service in the transportation of your goods, then outsourcing your transportation is a good solution.  General Logistics excels at designing, implementing and operating a custom designed transportation system so that you can be focused on your core competencies.

Technology Solutions

General Logistics is dedicated to finding new ways to utilize technology to provide our customers with the very best information.  We are constantly researching and testing new technology.  This process allows us to provide our customers with real-time, detailed reporting and metrics that are specifically tailored to their business needs.  Our technology solutions address your needs for information.  We work with our clients to understand their needs and select the appropriate technology solution to work for them resulting in reduced costs, conservation of your management time and to provide the level of information that support our clients business.  Here are but a few of the benefits our technology solutions can provide:

  • Real-Time Route Reporting
  • Exact driver location and projected delivery time
  • Key Performance Indicator Reports customized to your specific needs
  • Geo-fencing to create event alerts and delivery metrics

On Site Management

General Logistics can and will provide on-site, dedicated management as may be required or desired by our client.  We adapt our delivery transportation services model to your needs and wants.  For our clients that want the very highest level of interaction with our management team, on-site management is the solution we would recommend.